Ways to understand people grappling with anxiety

Ways to understand people grappling with anxiety

Anyone can feel anxious, especially during situations like facing some problems at work, appearing in an exam or even making an important decision. It is a normal fear that one can overcome easily. But when such a fear or worry starts affecting one’s daily activities and relationships, the person may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. One of the most common mental problems in the United States, an anxiety disorder affects around 40 million American adults every year. Sadly, only 37 percent of them receive treatment, as people are still reluctant to talk openly about a mental health problem and seek help for it.

The effects of anxiety disorders vary from one individual to another. While someone might appear absolutely normal and calm from outside, there could be a stream of nervousness running within them. There may be others who are experience a terrible fear owing to their uncontrollable thoughts. People suffering from anxiety seek family support and want their loved ones to understand their problems. Here are some ways to get a better understanding of the person grappling with the condition:

  • People with anxiety could find it easier to function on the professional front and exude a confidence that makes them appear to have it all under control. But things are not the same when it comes to their personal lives. At the end of their work day, they are down with exhaustion and anxiousness. For friends and family, it becomes quite confusing to see the same person behave so differently at work and on the personal front.
  • If people with anxiety cancel a plan at the last minute they had initially made with full enthusiasm, it is only because they feel their inner turmoil would become apparent to everyone around and make things uncomfortable. This does not mean that they do not value the relationships.
  • Everything associated with what is said must not be connected with anxiousness as the emotions of a person with anxiety disorders can get intensified. So at times when they open up and voice their concerns about something, it must not be assumed that it is only because of their condition.
  • Anxiety can leave individuals with the condition confused at times. They may sometimes know the reason behind their anxiousness. But most of the times, it becomes difficult to pin point the reason behind their feelings of unrest. At such times, it is the disorder that should be blamed.
  • Downplaying the experiences of an individual with anxiety does not help and it only leads them to believe that they are not being taken seriously. Not listening when they are confiding in their loved ones could drive them farther away.

Seeking treatment

Extending help and concern is well received. It conveys a feeling of care and encourages the person concerned to think about ways in which to move toward recovery. Having a plan ready about what to do during a panic attack is a good idea too. Treatment is most effective when given on time. If one experiences symptoms of anxiety, it is essential to seek medical help from a licensed practitioner and undergo clinical diagnosis to determine the condition accurately. If you know someone who seems to be in need for help to cope with anxiety issues, contact the Florida Helpline for Anxiety to know about the best anxiety treatment center in Florida. You can call at our 24/7 helpline number (855) 920-9834 or chat online to speak to our certified experts who can guide you toward the right direction.