Jewelry designer Lucie Ferguson writes a moving message about her anxiety

Jewelry designer Lucie Ferguson writes a moving message about her anxiety

Though it might sound like a cliché, one of the most precious things owned by any woman is jewelry. Intrigued by their beauty, every woman loves adorning herself with beautiful ornaments with exquisite designs. A number of women have made a mark in the fashion and entertainment industry by creating dazzling jewelry. Among the many names known for showing their creativity through this form of art, one of the recognized faces is Lucie Ferguson.

Well-known for her stunning and beautiful fine jewelry line ‘Babyanything,’Lucie is a Sydney-based designer whose jewelry designs have adorned the neck and fingers of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Elle Ferguson, Lucie’s sister and one of Australia’s and successful fashion and lifestyle bloggers. While the jewelry designer seems to be successful, she recently opened up about the challenge of facing anxiety on a daily basis.

The designer took it to Instagram and shared her experiences of anxiety by posting a picture. Besides overwhelming a person, she highlighted that anxiety can prove to be a crippling condition. Along with this, she motivated her followers going through anxiety disorder by feeling proud about her accomplishments. Since attaining even little things becomes too difficult with anxiety, she encouraged them to value even a small step taken in the right direction despite all odds.

Key points highlighted by Lucie Ferguson on anxiety

Through her post, Lucie tried to make apprise her followers how debilitating anxiety can be. She wrote that anxiety could take over one’s life due to which he or she may find it hard to find a way out of the condition. Being an overachiever, she admitted of experiencing a bit of anxiety. However, it hit the talented designer hard for the first time when she was taking care of her mother, Kim Louise Ferguson. Unfortunately, her mother failed to stand strong against the stressful phase of cancer and passed away in 2015.

Sharing her experience, Lucie said, “Elle, mum and I went through some things where the stress level was insanely high and we were operating at this level for years. Having doctors tell you your mum is dying multiple times and then fighting for her life each time of course leaves a mark on your wellbeing somewhere and maybe the anxiety is my mark. It was a battle and I’m sure I have many war wounds.”

Adding further, Lucie shared how anxiety prevented her from enjoying things she loved, but at the same time made her empathetic toward others. She recounted about the times when she wanted to go out for movies with friends but her anxiety did not let her go. Out of nowhere, she used to be gripped by anxious thoughts related to situations that appeared inescapable, such as airplanes and train.

Encouraging her followers going through a similar experience, she said that she is now able to stay strong and overcome her anxiety most of the times. She does so by making herself understand that one can never know what the other person might be going through. Though a person’s life might appear glamorous and glitzy, she emphasized that it is difficult to determine their pains. In her heart-rending Instagram update, she stated that now she manages to get some peace in her mind. She said, “I get a little quiet in the mind occasionally and that is bliss. But life is a complicated thing that’s for sure and if you have anxiety too, I’m sorry, I hope we can kick this shit altogether soon.”

Road to recovery

With a number of celebrities like Zayn Malik, Peter Andre, etc. opening up about their tussle with anxiety disorders, there has been an increased awareness about such problems. Through their heart-touching and sensitive updates, they are encouraging their followers to accept the reality and find remedial measures. Anxiety is a mental health condition that can affect anybody. Therefore, it is important for every individual to be aware about the common signs and symptoms of this condition.

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