Practice meditation to mitigate stress and anxiety

Practice meditation to mitigate stress and anxiety

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

Amit Ray, Om Chanting and Meditation

One has to accept the fact that life is full of stress and anxiety that has the potential to cause a number of chronic issues like blood pressure, heart diseases and various mental problems. Thus, it is important to understand the need for reining in the stressors of life in order to overcome these problems. There are various ways of doing so like medication and therapies. As per experts, meditation is one of the most effective techniques to fight away stress and feel better and healthier.

The American Psychological Association (APA) has revealed that the level of stress among Americans is increasing for the first time in a decade. Apart from money, work and relationships, some the main stressors among the American populace are government, crimes, hate crimes, terrorism, etc. With the worsening of the crime and terrorism, the level of stress is unlikely to diminish in the coming days. Numerous studies have revealed that meditation can help an individual get rid of anxiety and high stress, which in turn reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Tips to turn meditation into a regular habit

One of the benefits of alternative therapies like meditation is that it can be practiced as and when required by a person. Corroborating the above fact, Light Watkins, a meditation expert, said, “Real people living busy lives can meditate successfully on their seven-year-old couch, in bed alone or next to their snoring partner, in the passenger seat of their car, at work, at the kitchen table, in the backseat during a road trip, in a bus or a plane seat.” He further said that a person is likely to meditate sporadically by waiting for an ideal time and situation for meditation.

Emily Fletcher, founder of New York-based ‘Ziva Meditation,’ focused on helping people in becoming aware about the benefits of meditation. Besides improving the stress-related conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and fibromyalgia, meditation has been widely associated with the reduction of the inflammation response caused due to stress. Moreover, it plays a vital role in lowering anxiety and promoting a positive outlook toward life.

Some of the common techniques suggested by the researchers to practice meditation are as mentioned below:

  • Start practicing

In the beginning, a person needs to dedicate just 15 to 20 minutes in the morning to regularly practice meditation. One must sit straight with a relaxed back. Moreover, he or she should leave his or her hands and feet at ease. In order to make it a regular habit, people must set a timer in the beginning.

  • Welcome all thoughts

A person cannot get rid his or her negative thoughts at once by practicing meditation. Let all those thoughts come into your brain, he or she will gradually reach a level of having a peaceful mind.

  • Practice at any place or space

People must not restrict themselves to a particular place or space in their home to practice meditation. One should practice whenever he or she gets a chance, irrespective of time and place.

  • Take deep breath

Balancing breath or alternate nostril breathing is an excellent way to calm one’s senses and reenergize himself or herself. One should practice this technique to live in the present moment and relieve stress.

Recovery road map

In order to lead a healthy and wealthy life, it is important to keep stress and anxiety at bay. Any kind of misdiagnosis of the mental health issues or delay in treatment can prove dangerous. Therefore, it is important to seek the effective treatment and guidance at the right time to avoid any major health issues and adverse circumstances.

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