Tips to deal with stress of wedding planning

Tips to deal with stress of wedding planning

Weddings are time to rejoice, meet friends and loved ones, gorge on sumptuous delicacies, and be adorned in fine jewelry ringing in a new life. For a bride-to-be, it could mean much more. From packing her bags and looking beautiful to worrying about arrangements for the guests, she has a lot to think about, which can cause overwhelming anxiety. Some women fear they wouldn’t get time for themselves or to hang out with friends. No matter how much planning is done, last minute bloopers are expected, leading to excessive stress.

Listed below are a few strategies that can come handy for a bride-to-be and make the event most memorable.

1. Hiring a wedding planner

Investing in a good wedding planner can go a long way in ensuring that everything is in order and taken care of. This is an investment with huge returns. One must hire a wedding planner at-least a few months prior to the wedding so that all the tasks are accomplished before time. Delegating tasks can greatly alleviate one’s anxiety levels.

2. Taking regular breaks

Dress rehearsals, dance rehearsals, pre-bridal shoots and shopping can easily burn out the woman. It is important to take short breaks in between to renew the spirits and feel invigorated. Taking a short trip with friends or an evening out with best pals are some of the great ways to restore mental peace.

3. Focusing on self

It is important to give time to oneself. Several months prior to the wedding, a bride-to-be must focus on eating nutritious food, exercising and practicing yoga or meditation. Connecting with the self is important to recognize anxiety triggers and address the problem beforehand. Keeping a journal is also a good practice to remain aware of one’s thoughts and focusing on the present.

4. Seeking help

It is better to seek and accept help than being underprepared and indecisive. If one has friends and family members who are eager to offer help with any task, it is wise to accept it gracefully. Having regular conversations with the partner or close friends can release the negative energy, and build trust and understanding.

Recognize the problem

Sometimes, despite flawless arrangements, a bride may experience last-minute jitters and to overcome the same, she might resort to consuming alcohol or other harmful substances. This approach might bring temporary relief but can cause a lot of embarrassment if she appears to be drunk, doped or unsteady on her wedding day.

Feeling anxious about getting married is normal but if it starts interfering with everyday functioning, it could be the sign of an anxiety disorder. An untreated mental illness can affect relationships and create communication gap between the partners. Reaching out to a counselor or a mental health rehab can keep the problem at bay and prevent it from aggravating. It is certainly possible to enjoy the most important day of one’s life by letting go of all worries.

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