Potential causes of developing PTSD–4: Breakup effects

Potential causes of developing PTSD–4: Breakup effects

Abandonment from a relationship close to one can be very disturbing. In fact, the impact of such an incident can be stressful to the extent that it may cause nightmares, bring back hurting memories and generate emotions of hopelessness and leave the affected one extremely anxious and tensed. The resulting psychological trauma can also leave one physically tired, disconnected from surroundings and emotionally vulnerable. Their inability to trust other people causes them to remain isolated and fearful of everyone and everything. Such symptoms are similar to those of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

While most people associate the onset and development of PTSD to incidents like war, fights, accidents, domestic abuse, sexual assault and death of a loved one, episodes involving heartbreak or a sense of humiliation post breakup can also trigger PTSD.

Torn apart in body and mind

Though not all heartbreaks result in manifestations of any major psychiatric disorder, the signs of emotional upheaval may be pronounced in some instances. These may happen if the breakup happened to be sudden or if the couple involved in the relationship trusted each other immensely. A sudden breakup may give way to self-doubt, reduced self-esteem, depression and uncontrollable anger. The deeper the relationship, greater is the chance of reeling under an aftershock.

Medical interventions imperative for healing process

It is a myth that the wounds etched on the mind get healed with time. This kind of thought process aggravates the pain that refuses to go away by itself. The mental state characteristic of PTSD can linger on for a potentially long period of time and may result in nervous breakdown or suicidal attempts. While loved ones and family members can come forward to help deal with the situation that PTSD victims find themselves in, an expert’s advice is still the best way to get back on track.

Clinicians mostly suggest psychotherapy or alternate healing interventions to alleviate the distress level building up within their patients. Such a treatment helps patients share their grief that the latter believe to be insurmountable. Group therapies involving patients with similar experiences foster relationships that the sufferers refrain from in usual circumstances owing to their prior experiences.

Seeking necessary treatment

The ultimate aim of any kind of treatment is to address the root cause of the problem and not just provide superficial relief by treating the physical symptoms. A comprehensive program targets psychological and emotional aspects as well. Despite much information being doled out about the detrimental effects of mental health problems and the necessity to treat them timely, much importance is still tagged to physical health disorders. Postponing the much-needed treatment can damage normal living and can leave a permanent scar on the mind.

If you or your loved mind is suffering from pain of breakup that may be hard to get rid of, it is necessary that appropriate guidance is availed immediately. The Florida Helpline for Anxiety representatives can connect you to certified medical practitioners who use evidence-based therapeutic interventions that help look into the painful past with an entirely new perspective. You may also call our 24/7 helpline number 855-920-9834 for information about anxiety treatment centers in Florida. For instant help, you can chat with our online representatives and get information regarding the best anxiety treatment in Florida.

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