Harness these habits to control anxiety

Harness these habits to control anxiety

Life is full of surprises and uncertainties that can give rise to various situations and circumstances. Managing them can get tough, at times, and in the process of doing so, one might suffer from various mental health problems, anxiety being one of them. Anxiety due to work, kids, spouse and other issues is fairly common. However, if the anxiety gets overpowering, it might affect one’s quality of life. In addition to this, many a times, people indulge in some habits, not knowing how these habits might be elevating their anxieties.

Here is a list of some habits which can exacerbate anxiety symptoms in an individual:

Drowning in coffee

A lot of people in the United States start their day with a hot cup of coffee. People have conditioned their minds that coffee is indispensable for their sanity without realizing that caffeine is a powerful stimulant that can potentiate anxiety. Caffeine increases the heart rate of a person and can also make him or her irritated and jittery.

Sitting all day long

Just because one has an office job doesn’t mean that sitting like a couch potato can be justified. Even with a desk job, one can manage to take breaks every now then and move around. A person’s mood is greatly linked with the physical activity of a person. Therefore, one must include some form of a physical activity in the routine to keep anxiety at bay.

Not taking adequate sleep

The importance of sleep is underrated in the society. Sleep plays a crucial role in regulating our mental and physical health. Lack of sleep puts a pressure on all the organ systems of the body, preventing the renewal of the immune and mental systems. If a person is already suffering from anxiety, lack of sleep might lead to the development of full-blown anxiety.

Always running behind schedule

Some people have a habit of hitting snooze and then sprinting around, struggling to get ready, struggling to have a breakfast and then may be struggling while commuting too. No matter how relaxed a person is, if he or she has this terrible morning ritual, anxiety is inevitable. Therefore, it is imperative to plan a day ahead and ensure a smooth morning.

Always procrastinating work

Some people have a very disorderly way of working by procrastinating even when they have a knowledge of what needs to be done. They don’t make to-do lists, don’t prioritize their tasks and have no regard for deadlines. All these shortcomings build up anxiety. Therefore, a bit of planning the previous evening or in the morning can help a person sail through day calmly.

Engaging in social media interactions all the time

Some people get so engrossed in their social media world that they stop going out or socializing. This can be draining as someone might develop a “fear of missing out” (FOMO). FOMO is a type of an anxiety disorder afflicting people who use social media indiscriminately. They often assume that they might have or will miss out an important event which their social media friends might be attending.

Recovering from anxiety

All of us struggle with some sort of anxiety in our everyday lives, however, we can manage our symptoms by being more disciplined and mindful of our habits. Even then, some people are so worked up that they find it hard to relax. It is extremely important for such people to seek professional support to recover completely.

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